Wednesday, February 06, 2008

If You Don't Know Now You Know..

Sig Zane Designs & Kicks Hawaii are at is again. This is their lastest New Era Fitted which will most definately be as famous as the last Fitted they produced. Check out this pic with Kanye and DJ ATrak.
Here's some info from KZ.
"The hand cut design by Sig is of the ʻākoʻakoʻakohe which is also known as the Mushroom Coral. This print is named Olako'aka. "Ola" translates into life or living and "koʻakā" refers to a coral shoal where two currents meet. Sig Zane Designs and Kicks Hawaii came together to bring you this exclusive print and product where the currents of traditional and contemporary meet!"
The release date is set for Saturday, February 9th and is available exclusively at Sig Zane Designs and The Cutlery in Hilo and both Kicks/Hi locations on Oahu.

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